5 Budget-Friendly Landscape Garden Design Ideas for 2024

If you’re looking for some great ideas for making new gardens, it is quite easier than you think to promote a budget-friendly makeover to your outdoor space. Here, we’ve listed some of the cost-effective landscape garden design ideas for saving cash while making your outdoor space look stunning, which in turn provides you with a beautiful space to spend more time enjoying your outdoor sanctuary.

Are you ready for making new gardens? Try these simple garden ideas in your home balconies or outdoor space in Dubai for making a lush garden or landscape.

Dramatic Paint Effect

In 2024, like the previous years, a dramatic paint plant is a better garden idea. This idea makes you surprised about how much a lick of paint can transform an old fence. Also, it will provide a striking backdrop for greenery and jewel-coloured plants and the black colour would be an ideal choice. The depth of black colour is magical for garden designers, painting a fence black makes it blend into the background, a shed becomes less noticeable, and an old bench is transformed into a stylish focal point. This is a great idea if you want to notice sudden impact and remember that you can also paint the plant pots to make a new lease.

Plant Up Hanging Baskets

Do you want to add instant colour to your garden? An easy yet inexpensive way to do this is to plant up some colourful hanging plant pots or baskets. Also, choose plants that are fuchsias, verbena, or petunias; to grow in plant pots or sometimes you can grow vegetables like tomatoes in hanging baskets. Even better, low-maintenance gardeners can choose pre-planned hanging baskets as a cost-effective garden design idea for making new gardens.

Plant & Divide

A budget-friendly option to fill flower beds with flowering plants is to shop for perennials that you can separate. This may sound like an advanced level of gardening; however, it is not that challenging, it will work with clump-forming perennials that are geums and hardy geraniums.

DIY Garden Bar

Want to make your garden more entertaining? Try garden bar garden designs, if you find it more expensive, transform your outdoor space with a DIY cocktail bar. There is no need to spend money on a ready-made bar when you can include a cheerful potting bench in your garden with an adequate number of drinks to make it as a drink station and simple cost-effective painting. However, remember to seal your bar with a waterproof finishing wax to ensure your sundowner sessions continue smoothly, year after year.

Create A Cosy Outdoors

Outdoor spaces are now becoming an extension of our house, and people are mostly considering outdoor space as a new room. So, there is a need to bring that cosy feeling into your outdoor garden. There is only one way to achieve this by investing in an outdoor rug. From geometric stripes to jungle-inspired botanical prints, the selection available will leave you spoiled for choice. Most importantly, apart from being waterproof or durable, these rugs can help to zone your space which is ideal if you want to have a separate dining space for the next gathering. Remember, the bigger the rug, the more money you will need to invest, however, make sure that you measure up accurately and choose the right space size and furniture.

Now you may be aware of some of the cost-efficient landscape garden design ideas, to learn more on this or want guidance for making new gardens. Contact us today and let our professional landscapers design the perfect garden to transform your outdoor space.