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Plant Pots & Pebbles

We house a large collection of plant pots, planters, and troughs in a variety of sizes, colours, materials and finishes. Container gardening gives you the opportunity to introduce colour to your surroundings and express your artistic sensibilities with exquisitely painted pot designs and styles. This form of gardening requires minimal maintenance and is especially convenient for small gardens, apartments, balconies, patios and interiors.

Potted plants and trees cannot survive in the same container for an indefinite amount of time. The roots tend to eventually outgrow the pot causing the plant to suffocate. Hence, it is advisable to either transfer the plant to a larger sized pot or trim the roots and replenish the soil. Moreover, the material of the pot plays a significant role in regulating extreme temperatures that are unsuitable for the plant. At the garden centre, Green Glades’ landscaping experts can guide you towards the right plant pots in dubai and help to choose the correct size and material for an existing plant or new purchase depending on where you intend to place the plant or tree.
Tree and Plant pots come in:

    Unglazed Ceramic
    Glazed Ceramic

The garden centre holds multiple shades and sizes of pebbles and crushed stone. When in search of multi-faceted landscapes, one can simply use these components to add different textures and colours to the landscape and leave a more striking impression than just simple dirt, soil or mulch. They are an inexpensive form of ground covers and conveniently substitute for grass in areas where grass finds it hard to survive. They can even be used to create a decorative border or path. Our hard landscaping team can offer some creative ideas for their use and, if so wished, could execute the idea for you as well.


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