Commercial Landscaping Dubai

Commercial Landscaping in Dubai

Green Glades Landscaping is a team of skilled and trusted landscape contractors. We offer the very best in horticultural products and services. Our professionals specialize in commercial landscape maintenance throughout Dubai and UAE. From office buildings, to shopping centers, apartment buildings, hospitals, schools, parks and more, Green Glades Landscaping is one of UAE's most trusted commercial landscaping companies. Professional landscape design increases the curb appeal of your property while attracting new customers, increasing property value and improving employee satisfaction. Our services include:

* Landscape Design and Planning
* Landscape Installations
* Landscape Renovations
* Large Tree Installations
* Tree Transplanting
* Perennial Gardens
* Masonry and Paving
* Structural Retaining Walls
* Stair Construction
* Patios & Exterior Living Spaces
* Monument Signs, Gates and Arbors
* Irrigation Systems
* Drainage Systems
* Slope Stabilization
* Wetland Planting
* Hydro-seeding
* Efficiency Landscapes