Frequently Asked Questions about Dubai Outdoor Landscaping

Dubai is a city brimming with so many surprises and abundant offerings. However, living in this city has the burden of taking care of your home by yourself. For people living in Dubai, outdoor landscaping Dubai offers many benefits for their family and friends. Choosing landscaping companies in Dubai is essential to ensure that you achieve quality jobs. Here, we discuss the top 5 most common FAQs about outdoor landscaping Dubai to clear the dilemma in your head.

How does landscaping make your place healthier?

Landscaping is essential as it makes places healthier for residents. Dubai is situated abruptly in the desert, where temperature rises over 48o Celsius (120o F). Therefore, landscaping can make individuals more comfortable as they provide shade and cool breezes. Moreover, plants can absorb carbon dioxide which also helps the people and planet.

Is landscaping so important in Dubai?

Dubai is one of the major emirates and a thriving business hub in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The Dubai government efficiently works on the city’s beautification projects including landscaping, that makes the city more attractive. Most importantly, the landscaping companies in Dubai provide outdoor spaces with a more natural appearance that can enhance the quality of life among people who use it to get fresh air and do exercises. Here in Dubai, you can discover many landscaping companies that provide diverse services for landscaping works.

What are the maintenance costs for gardening in Dubai?

Typically, the maintenance cost of a lawn or a garden in Dubai may vary according to the size of your space. Also, if you have a larger space, the cost may rise. If you’re looking to start from scratch, there are different initiatives that you need to consider such as designing, planning, renovation, and landscaping. Therefore, it is better to assist with good landscaping companies in Dubai if you have that budget.

Is it good to grow vegetables in Dubai?

It is possible to grow vegetables in Dubai. However, the best places to grow vegetables are the garden areas that receive direct sunlight, particularly during the daytime from 9 AM to 3 PM. Tomatoes, Peppers, and Cucumbers can grow well in this region, nevertheless, However, for vegetables like Spinach, Kale, and Lettuce, you may need some sheltered space, such as a shed. Overall, the soil in the garden must require moisture regularly to withstand the atmosphere heat in Dubai.

How to choose reliable landscaping companies in Dubai?

To find the best landscaping companies in Dubai, you need to assess the wide array of factors such as their online presence, and comprehensive services, check testimonials and reviews, compare prices, enquire references, and then make the decision.


Overall, it is important to take care of your landscape. A good outdoor landscaping Dubai service provider can offer several benefits. You can have a nice yard that visitors will appreciate, and you can also experience many health outcomes. Choose Green Glade, one of the leading landscaping companies Dubai, and explore their wide range of landscape maintenance services to see which ones suit your place and requirements.