Garden Maintenance Company In Dubai

Green Glades is one of the leading garden maintenance companies in Dubai. For those who are planning on making new garden or seeking maintenance services for an existing one, finding a professional garden maintenance company in Dubai offers huge advantages. We offer comprehensive garden maintenance service under one roof that transforms your outdoor space into an aesthetic greenery.

We guarantee regular garden maintenance for our clients that we designed or built over the years, ensuring our clients have a stunning outdoor space for year-round enjoyment. Green Glades, a premium garden maintenance company in Dubai, with thousands of trusted and satisfied customers offers superior garden maintenance services. You can choose a variety of gardening services from – lawn maintenance, irrigation works, landscaping, pool & water features, and more.

Through the years, we have helped Dubai residents in making new gardens with our extensive garden maintenance services. Our professional handyman staff are fully qualified gardeners capable of fulfilling any gardening services with efficiency. They are always professional and reliable, treating your garden space like their own and ensuring that your outdoor space looks the best as it needs to be.

We trust in our quality and execute the project with utmost priority leaving one of our managerial staff to facilitate on-site supervision to ensure precision in garden maintenance in Dubai. Leave your garden maintenance to the leading garden maintenance company in Dubai and book your appointment as short as possible. Give us a quick call at +971 4 388 0403 or +971 52 588 3964.

Our garden maintenance company services in Dubai include:

Garden cropping services

Green Glades provides professional garden cropping services. We focus on the customary needs of the clients by providing the utmost guidance in choosing the right plant, the right soil, and the proper irrigation system, considering the environmental conditions that suit the region. High-quality fertilisers are chosen with the utmost care for maximum yield for vegetable plantations and beautiful garden lawns.

Grass fixing and maintenance services

Grass-fixing services are provided at Green Glades. Customer guidance and assistance are given throughout the process. Green glades focus on choosing high-quality grasses for lawns, considering the beauty of the lawn. Healthy, green, and beautiful is considered of great importance at green glades, while fixing the grass and its maintenance is also provided. Customer satisfaction is considered a priority at Green Glades.

Making new gardens and maintaining them

Green Glades offers new garden services. Careful consideration of the soil, plants, and irrigation system that suit the climate is chosen. Client requirements are met with careful consideration at Green Glades while making new gardens.Ongoing monitoring of the garden is done as per the client requirements, and proper fertilisers are added to control pests and promote healthy growth of the plants in the garden. Garden maintenance services and additional garden services are provided throughout the year. Regular monitoring of the garden and proper guidance and assistance are given as per the client requirements. Proper fertilisers are added to control pests and promote healthy growth of the plants in the garden.

Garden water features, fixing, and maintenance

Green Glades offers different varieties of water features, like fountains and waterways. We customise the water features as per the client's requirements, matching your garden style. Our expert technicians guide and support you throughout the year. Proper maintenance and fixing are provided in case of need by the customers, even after fixing. Our technicians diagnose and resolve all kinds of issues, such as pump malfunctions, leaks, and other issues, ensuring the smooth performance of the water features. Our services also include regular cleaning and checking throughout the year as per the customer's needs, ensuring lasting performance. We give proper guidance to the customers on efficacious methods for proper care practices to keep their water features exceptionally beautiful and long-lasting with excellent performance.

Garden landscape maintenance services in Dubai

Green Glades offers landscape maintenance services in Dubai. We ensure all kinds of maintenance services specifically designed to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful. From trimming plants and fertilising to an efficient irrigation system matching Dubai weather, we offer installation and repair services that optimise water solutions that provide proper hydration. Whether it's seasonal planting or outdoor lighting, we undertake all kinds of services with the utmost care and customer satisfaction, ensuring the aesthetic beauty and longevity of your garden.

Garden irrigation system fixing, and many more

Professional garden irrigation system fixing is done at Green Glades. Our expert technicians continuously monitor and fix the issues in the irrigation system so that your system works at peak performance. This may lead to good growth for the plants in the garden. Keeping your landscape healthy and beautiful. For expert guidance regarding any of the above services, don't hesitate to speak up to our irrigation system experts at Green Glades, who will diagnose and resolve your issue quickly.