Irrigation Installation Dubai

Irrigation Installation in Dubai

Green Glades Landscaping is a leading irrigation company in Dubai that embrace water efficient irrigation installations in Dubai, UAE. We design, install, and manage watering systems for both residential and commercial properties including unit block developments, sports fields, schools, villas, roads and parks. We offer a high standard of products from leading manufactures to provide our clients with the modern, efficient and environmentally friendly new irrigation systems installation. We supply and install new irrigation system installation for water storage ranging from single over ground storage units to a selection of under ground tanks. Together with a full range of pumping and filtration solutions.

New irrigation system installation | Irrigation works

Residential Irrigation Dubai

Residential Irrigation Systems in Dubai

"Water is critical to plant growth. Your irrigation system should be efficient in its water use. A poorly designed system is just as capable of delivering excessive amounts of water as it is of delivering too little water or water to the wrong parts of your garden. It can be more costly to run and cost more to install. Green Glades Landscaping will design a system unique to your garden’s needs. The experience of our team and our approach to work have brought us to a top position in the field of irrigation, especially villa irrigation in Dubai. Our design takes into account: * Soil type

  • * Plant selection
  • * Your landscaping
  • * Land slope
  • * Available water pressure and flow
  • * Budget
Our team have broad, practical experience in the design and installation of water management solutions. Our expertise include: We have experience in the following areas:

  • * Drip Irrigation
  • * Sprinkler Irrigation
  • * Irrigation Pumps, Pond Pumps
  • * Filters
  • * Plastic Tanks, Metal Tanks, Concrete Tanks
  • * Automatic Irrigation Controllers
  • * Rain Sensors
Commercial Irrigation Dubai

Commercial Irrigation Systems in Dubai

Green Glades Landscaping is proud to install the best sprinkler systems available, using the most up-to-date technology from professional brands such as Hunter, Toro, and Rainbird. Carefully designed by our professional and experienced planners and installers our commercial irrigation works provide timed and measured hydration to the commercial landscape works creating the attractive and professional appearance so important to businesses while keeping maintenance costs low. Our commercial in-ground lawn sprinkler systems start paying for themselves from the first day. Water waste is eliminated, maintenance personnel hours reduced, customer impression increased, and time saved are just a few of the benefits of a custom irrigation system. Our in-ground sprinkler system installations are designed and installed to require a minimal amount of service.