Plant Nursery Warsan Dubai

Plant Nursery in Warsan, Dubai

Our plant nursery in Warsan, Dubai is packed with the highest quality plants, trees and shrubs. We have the largest selection of Fruit Trees, Forest Trees, Ornamental Trees, Indoor Palms, Tropical Palms, Local Date Palms, Ground Covers, Seasonal Flowers, Ornamental Shrubs, Climbers, Succulents, Tall Grasses and more!. Our goal is to provide our customers with a large variety of high quality nursery stock at a fair market value. We strive to load, tarp, and invoice our customers in a timely manner. We are confident that you will be extremely pleased with the quality of plants and trees you will receive at Green Glades plant nursery in Dubai.

Green Glades Garden Center Warsan Dubai

Your One-stop Garden Center - Plant Shop In Dubai

Green Glades garden centre provides many different services which can help our customers find what they need in a professional and timely manner. In addition to high-quality plants and trees, we offer several value-added nursery services. It is often easier and more effective to deal with a single vendor for all of your plant needs. We have great relationships with all the major native plant nurseries as well as grow at our own facilities. We can take care of consolidating all your buying into a single purchase order, contracts, single delivery schedule, and single invoices. Our quality control and labelling system ensures that all plant material is clearly identified and in great health, and that it meets the specifications. Connect with our plant shop in Dubai, UAE to fulfill your requirements.