Importance of Winter Landscape Maintenance in Dubai

When the temperature drops and winter sets in Dubai, there is a chance of leaving your garden and landscapes in danger of experiencing frost damage, especially for delicate plants that may not adjust to the colder temperatures. However, with proper maintenance works and landscaping works, it is possible to maintain landscape thriving even in the extreme colder months.

In this blog, we share some important landscape maintenance tips to keep your outdoor space looking stunning and how landscaping companies in Dubai can help in this process throughout the winter in Dubai.

7 Winter Landscape Maintenance Tips Offered by Landscaping Services Dubai

Clean Up Fallen Leaves

One of the important steps to consider in winter landscaping works is to clean up the fallen leaves. Leaves falling on the ground can affect the growth of grass and these fallen leaves turn into a breeding ground for pests and diseases. The Garden maintenance company in Dubai like Green Glades provide proper landscape maintenance and rake them up regularly to keep the landscape healthy.

Pruning and Trimming

While most of the plants turn dormant during winter in Dubai, it is essential to prune and trim certain trees and shrubs in the garden. Landscaping works combined with pruning help to maintain plants' shape and allow preventing dead or diseased branches. Also, it is important not to over-prune, as some plants may need to protect their foliage from the extreme cold.

Plant Protection Through Mulching

Mulching plants is also crucial in garden maintenance during winter in Dubai. Landscaping companies in Dubai usually apply a layer of mulch around the base of your plant as a part of landscaping maintenance services to insulate the soil. This retains the moisture level and protects the plant roots from freezing. Using organic materials such as wood chips and shredded leaves provides the best result in mulching.

Consider Watering for Plants

During winter plants normally possess fewer watering needs and it is important to provide an adequate level of moisture to your landscape through adequate watering. Additionally, water your plants deeply to ensure they are well-hydrated and this prevents them before they freeze. Also, avoid watering since an excess water level eventually leads to root rot at a low temperature.

Protecting Vulnerable Plants

Take utmost care of the vulnerable plants in your landscape during winter and bring them indoors or into a greenhouse. If you have a limited space, create a protective covering including burlap or frost blankets to cover them from the harsh winds in Dubai.

Care Your Lawn

It is essential to provide extra care and attention to maintain your lawn healthy in winter. Doing this solely can be a daunting task, therefore, it is better to seek assistance from a professional garden maintenance company in Dubai before the winter hits in Dubai. They provide a final mowing to a shorter height to your lawn and this prevents snow and helps grass recover instantly in spring. It is important to not walk on the lawn when it is covered with snow to prevent damage.

Control Pests

Even extreme cold pests can damage your landscape. Therefore, it is important to monitor the plants to understand if there are any signs of pests like aphids or spider mites. If you find any, provide the best insecticides or seek help from landscape services Dubai for organic pest control to prevent pests from your landscape.


In Dubai, maintaining a landscape effectively in winter requires some additional care and attention. However, the results are worth it. following the above-mentioned winter garden maintenance tip ensures that your landscape remains lush and healthy. If you want to learn more about winter landscape maintenance, contact a professional garden maintenance company in Dubai Green Glades. We can help in this process and make your garden stay healthy and visually appealing throughout the colder season in Dubai.